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Frontier School Division

​​​​​​​​​The Senior Administration Team works closely with the Chief Superintendent to ensure the Strategic Plan, as set out by the Board of Trustees, achieves its goals and objectives. 

Members of the Senior Administration team are responsible for hiring personnel in their respective departments and working closely with Principals and School Committees to ensure the best candidates are hired when filling positions in the schools. 

This team meets on a monthly basis where ideas are discussed and reports are shared so as to guarantee each member of the team is working collaboratively to provide the very best education for students in Frontier School Division. ​

​​Chief Superintendent Reg Klassen.jpg​​

Reg Klassen​​
Chief Superintendent

Office: Winnipeg​​​​

Secretary-Treasurer Gerald Cattani.jpg

​Gerald Cattani

Office: Winnipeg​

​​​Area 1 Superintendent Don McCaskill.jpg

Don McCaskill​

Area 1 Superintendent

Office: Thompson

Area 2 Superintendent Robert Chartrand.jpg

​Robert Chartrand​

Area 2 Superintedent

Office: Dauphin

Area 3 Superintendent Tyson MacGillivray.jpg

​Tyson MacGillivray​

Area 3 Superintendent

Office: Winnipeg
Area 4 Superintendent Darren Kinden.jpg

​Darren Kinden​

Area 4 Superintendent

Office: Cranberry Portage

Area 5 Superintendent Daisy Monias.jpg

Daisy Monias​

Area 5 Superintdent

Office: ​Norway House

​​Assistant Superintendent Marg Janssen.jpg

Marg Janssen

Assistant Superintendent Academic Programs and Instruction

Office: Winnipeg
Assistant Superintendent April Krahn.jpg

April Krahn

Assistant Superintendent Indigenous Way of Life

Office: Winnipeg

Assistant Superintendent Jackie Connell.jpg

​​​​Jacqueline Connell

Assistant Superintendent Senior Years and Career Studies​

​Office: Winnipeg

Assistant Superintendent Bradley Hampson.jpg

Bradley Hampson

Assistant Superintendent Technology

Office: Winnipeg