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Frontier School Division
Visual Arts

Visual Arts are an important storytelling and legacy-building medium.

We offer a wide variety of visual arts programs including:

The Frontier Traveling Artist Program provides workshops at schools based on individual school needs and interest. This year’s artists are Shawna Grapentine (Visual Arts), Hans Arnold (Photography) and other guests artists.

The Frontier Juried Art Show happens in conjunction with the Annual School Committee Conference. Students can submit up to three pieces of visual arts (painting, drawing, mixed media, pottery and sculpture, crafts, digital photography, enhanced digital photography, animation, filmmaking and more). Each piece is judged by a team of adjudicators who award ribbons and prizes, including a display at Graffiti Art Gallery.

Our Junior Art Contest is for students from Nursery through Grade 6 who submit pieces throughout the year for a chance to win art supplies.

Every two years, our Division runs Christmas Card Design Contest that offers students an opportunity to have their design featured on one of five divisional holiday cards that are sent to area offices, schools and communities and sold as a fundraiser.

We also offer:

  • A fence decorating challenge available at each school
  • A rock painting treasure hunt
  • Puppet and book-making kits available through the library
​Keep your eyes open for our kids’ unique art!