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Frontier School Division
Distance Education

​What is an onli​ne class?

An online class is a class delivered via the Internet that typically contains all of your required course materials, including a course outline and classroom materials, discussion board for classmates to discuss assignment and email. WebCT (Web Course Tools) is the online delivery format used by Frontier School Division and Manitoba Education and Training.

When taking an online course via WebCT you will be able to:

  • Connect with your instructor and other students via email, discussion board, fax and telephone
  • View, print or download your course outline, instructional modules, and other related materials
  • Take quizzes online
  • Check your grades
  • Submit assignments to your teacher electronically​

Online classes are delivered differently; however, the course materials and level of difficulty of online and traditional classes should be very similar. A typical online class might consist of:

  • Reading assignments
  • Slide presentations
  • Instructional modules
  • Homework turned in via email
  • Discussion board activities or chat discussions
  • Online quizzes​

How is a WebCT co​​​​urse taught?

WebCT courses are taught in an asynchronous format. This means that students are not required to be present at the same time in order to take or participate in the class. For instance, the teacher puts materials and assignments online for you to view later. You may send an email to your teacher or post a discussion message and others may reply hours later. Asynchronous communication allows those with time or location constraints to work at their convenience. Interaction with the professor and fellow students is still an important part of the class, but the interaction is often asynchronous....via email, a discussion board, etc. Many students even log on late at night! 

Is online learn​​ing for me?

Online Learning is not for everyone. Students who take WebCT courses are generally motivated self-starters who are independent and are able to stay on track in order to complete assignments and communicate without the benefit of face-to-face class attendance.​

For more information on the Distance Education program please contact:

Tyson MacGillvray